Water Features

Fountains, ponds and waterfalls: water is always the star of the garden. We build water features that fit your budget, lifestyle and aesthetics. Woodland, Mediterranean or an eclectic, personal statement, there are many choices in water features including: a formal fountain, a natural pond or cascading waterfall.

Pondless Stream with Rocks

Pondless Stream

Fulfilling the requirements of beauty and safety, this pondless stream takes advantage of gravity to create a babbling brook down artfully placed boulders and greenery. Water features are a great way to bring a natural melody to any creative landscape. This Portland client had just two wishes, a special alternative ...
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Formal Pond with Bubbling Pot and Tall Grass

Formal Pond with Bubbling Pot Water Feature

This water feature is a low maintenance option that provides the tranquil sound of a bubbling brook to the garden of this Portland home. Formal lines contrast nicely with this informal, eclectic year-round meditation spot for friend and artist Ron van Dongen. What started out as a typical front yard ...
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