Case Study – Pondless Stream

This Portland client had two requests. One, that we make something special out of the bland lawn in his backyard. Two, that we keep it safe and welcoming for his young grandchildren. Our answer? Get creative.

A dramatic slope and basin set the tone and facing the challenge head on, we took advantage of gravity and created a forty foot long pondless stream. Using cascade moss boulders, native plants and a flow of water, despite being man made, this stream has a natural feel, blending into the landscape more and more as the greenery around it softens. Using a pump system, we created a babbling brook that flowed naturally down the steep grade and into an underground reservoir.

We used heavy plastic pallets to cover the top of the reservoir, followed by a layer of landscape fabric and then finally a thought out arrangement of rocks. This process not only ensures that the stream is indeed pondless, but also filters out leaves and debris. Water in the stream is only 6” at its deepest and pours directly into the awaiting reservoir.

A month long project, this water feature has no standing water even when the stream is not running. This innovative water feature requires very little maintenance so the client is left free to enjoy more time enjoying his new backyard with his grandchildren.

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Pondless Stream with Rocks

Pondless Stream

Fulfilling the requirements of beauty and safety, this pondless stream takes advantage of gravity to create a babbling brook down artfully placed boulders and greenery. Water features are a great way to bring a natural melody to any creative landscape.

This Portland client had just two wishes, a special alternative to his bland, boring lawn, and a safe and welcoming atmosphere for his young children. In response, Creative Landscapes, Inc. designed an innovative water feature that utilizes an underground pump and a strategically covered reservoir to create a pondless stream that is not only low maintenance, but is mindful of young children and their well being.

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