Paths, Gates and Rock Gardens

Gravel, rocks and boulders are low maintenance additions to any landscape design and will provide texture and interest to your garden. Paths, gates, rock gardens and water features are fantastic ways to stimulate the senses when it comes to your front or backyard design, adding texture and depth to what could potentially be a bland garden.

Hardscapes and boulders in a new landscape are like nature’s creation of a new island, beautiful in itself while awe and wonder follow when the plants and wildlife like birds, butterflies and bees join the scenery. With a philosophy largely rooted in the Japanese inspirations of nature, hardscape accents of stone against the organic greens and vibrant shades of various blooms can result in a balanced design that combines the best of form and function.

Rock Gardens Featured Image

Rock Gardens

The premise of ditching the traditional bland, boring lawn in favor of a low maintenance, drought-tolerant alternative is gaining in popularity, especially here in the Pacific Northwest where rainy winters and hot dry summer reign. Oregonians are embracing the Mediterranean lifestyle in their landscape and xeriscape designs and we are ...
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Paths and Gates

Hardscapes and softscapes should melt together, as a path melts into the forest. Rocks or boulders should be placed to appear as if they were pushed up from below by forces of nature and then softened by time. There’s a balance between what’s natural and what’s imposed, and at Creative ...
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