About Creative Landscapes, Inc.

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Calling the Pacific Northwest home comes with its benefits, especially the backdrop that we have to work with. With our unparalleled outdoor lifestyle made possible by a temperate climate, a spectacular array of trees, shrubs and perennials are primed to thrive. Bonded, insured and proudly serving the Portland metropolitan area, we at Creative Landscapes, Inc. have been in business 25 years and bring over 30 years of experience, talent and passion to designing and installing landscapes in this gardener’s paradise.

Our landscapes are driven by a love of plants and inspired by nature. Having experienced growing up in Portland during the 1970’s, it was easy to see there were many landscapes where color was used badly. Because of this, we decided to focus on texture, color and unique plant choices to wash away bland gardens of the past.

Known for providing color, fragrance and texture throughout the seasons, we specialize in offering sophisticated and diverse designs that are not just gorgeous, but low maintenance and suited for your individual needs.

Like any other work of art, landscaping begins with inspiration. A plant, a color, a texture, even a scent can spur the imagination. However, landscape design can’t be based on one element; it is the complete big picture, blending form and function to draw in all the senses.

That’s where Creative Landscapes, Inc. comes in.

A collaborative process, we provide the technical expertise to address the practical issues such as existing plantings, shade and light, space and drainage. We’ll help you determine what will and won’t work for your property and what has to be accomplished to fulfill your needs.

Most importantly, we listen.

Taking your budget, lifestyle and personal taste into consideration, we bring our proficiency and insight into the planning process, making suggestions and giving ideas until your dream garden can be envisioned. Using a custom-tailored mix of plants, water features and hardscape, our goal at Creative Landscapes, Inc. is to create an environment that will bring you pleasure each season for years to come.

Every project is a learning experience, we have evolved from the beginning and will continue to do so with each garden design we create. It all begins with a free initial consultation – contact us to help you discover your new creative landscape.

Creative Landscapes, Inc.