Ornamental Pruning

Pruning can be a daunting task. Understanding how plants grow, knowing which tools to use and being fully aware of the necessity and benefits of pruning, Creative Landscapes, Inc. takes pride in our ornamental pruning work. Embracing the art and science of horticulture, we take the complication out of this routine practice and help to maintain plant health and improve the quality of flowers, fruit and stems. With proper pruning, your plants can thrive for years to come.

Japanese Maple Pruning at Sunset, Portland, Oregon

Japanese Maple Pruning

Using an artistic eye and extensive knowledge, this mature Japanese maple located in Lake Oswego was restored to proper beauty and sits silhouetted by the afternoon sun. The health of the tree and consideration for the surroundings went into this worthwhile restoration. (more…) ...
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General Tree Pruning

General Pruning

Using equal parts arborist, artist and expertise, there’s a certain philosophy behind pruning. Depending on the type of tree or shrub, we understand the arborist’s approach without compromising the plant’s health or the artful landscape design in which it fits. (more…) ...
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