Case Study – Native Garden

When your clients are art lovers, a landscape design that is both artistic and special is in order. As always, we looked to nature for our inspiration for this native, low maintenance garden with multiple trunked trees. Choosing colors that accented and highlighted the house’s exterior, we set out to distinguish this property from its neighbors with complementing purples, pinks and oranges.

Adding variety to the native selection, we incorporated a few exotic plants into the design, along with bold, moss covered boulders. Fox Valley River Birch trees worked divinely with the existing theme of the garden, displaying an amazing texture in the bark sheathing their multiple trunks.

We successfully incorporated an existing Chinese palm into the design, and using this and accents on their Craftsmen-style home we were able to balance the Asian feel with our local woodland offerings. Drawing from the principles of Japanese gardening, an approach that gives priority to simplicity, we used subtle details to draw out the home’s understated color palette and in place of a lawn we alternated pebbles and moss for ground cover.

Every step of the design we let an artistic eye guide us to the perfect placement for all the plants and boulders, using a wealth of variety and a touch of unpredictability that sets this property apart from others.

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Native Garden Wide Shot, Portland, Oregon

Native Garden

Working with an existing Chinese palm tree and an Asian accented Craftsmen home, this native inspired garden incorporates many indigenous elements of the Pacific Northwest with a more eastern sensibility. This garden attracts many hummingbirds and pollinators while boasting full, amazing color spring through late fall.

This landscape design fuses traditions from Japanese gardens – such as plant groupings of three or five – with a plant selection that is rooted within both woodland and desert inspiration to represent the state’s rich variety. Working around existing rhododendrons which flourish not just in Asia but in Oregon, we used a number of thriving native choices to fill out this sophisticated design.

As just one of our many favorites, you can learn more about this project by checking out its case study page.

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