We provide a comprehensive range of services to provide our clients with a completely seamless experience. From site assessment, design and planning, to installing plants, water features and hardscape, we have the expertise and proven reliability to bring your project to successful completion.

Drought Tolerant Garden with Gravel


  • Xeriscape gardens use an environmental friendly and drought-tolerant design that encompasses various methods for minimizing the need for water. This can ideal for our Pacific Northwest summer months when keeping your greenery green can be a challenge.
  • Native landscaping or native gardening is the use of native plants, including trees, shrubs, ground cover and grasses which are indigenous to the geographic area of the garden. The extraordinary part about living where we do is the abundance of options we have to choose from. One of the many things we take pride in is being able to blend unique and unusual plants with our native selection to create harmonious combinations.

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Paths, Gates & Rock Gardens

  • Rock gardens and gravel gardens are growing in popularity due to their low maintenance upkeep. The best landscapes gracefully and artfully blend texture, color and fragrance to create a front or backyard that will not just add curb appeal, but bring enjoyment season after season..
  • Hardscapes and softscapes should melt together, as a path melts into the forest. Rocks or boulders should be placed to appear as if they were pushed up from below by forces of nature and then softened by time. Every contrast should form balance, each a compliment to the finished landscape design.
  • Gates should be as inviting as they are meant to keep out, regardless of the material it’s constructed of. The use of a metal, wood or stone element can be a welcome contrast against the big bright colors of your garden.

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Water Features

  • Fountains, ponds and waterfalls: water is always the star of the garden. We build water features that fit your budget, lifestyle and aesthetics. Woodland, Mediterranean or an eclectic, personal statement, there are many choices in water features including: a formal fountain, a natural pond or cascading waterfall. Additionally, Creative Landscapes, Inc. can present innovative options – like a Pondless Stream – based on your needs and requirements.

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  • Pruning can be a chore for some, but not for us at Creative Landscapes, Inc. We know how best to prune, promoting new growth and air circulation, when to remove troublesome branches, and how to safely sculpt for design and purpose.

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