Portfolio of Projects

While every landscape we design is not just special, but also unique, there are a few that adequately represent the landscaping services we are able to provide, the designs we are able to create and just maybe a little inspiration for our future clients. This portfolio is simply a cross section of Creative Landscapes, Inc. but we hope these gardens bring you as much joy as they did us when we created them.

Perrenial Garden with Japanese Maple - Wide Shot with Path

Perennial Garden with Japanese Maple

What began with a bold choice in house color led to a lush, deep red inspiration to paint palate of this urban perennial garden, elegantly showcasing five majestic Japanese maples and blending beautifully with the existing architecture and colors of the property. The idea for this garden started with the ...
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Pondless Stream with Rocks

Pondless Stream

Fulfilling the requirements of beauty and safety, this pondless stream takes advantage of gravity to create a babbling brook down artfully placed boulders and greenery. Water features are a great way to bring a natural melody to any creative landscape. This Portland client had just two wishes, a special alternative ...
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Xeriscape with Boulders, from Sidewalk

Xeriscape with Boulders

The bold choice to remove a wall led to a restoration of a garden slope that lent itself to improved drainage and a more interesting setting for the plants to be appreciated in. This drought-tolerant design is a great low maintenance option and only needs watering 7-8 times through the ...
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Native Garden Wide Shot, Portland, Oregon

Native Garden

Working with an existing Chinese palm tree and an Asian accented Craftsmen home, this native inspired garden incorporates many indigenous elements of the Pacific Northwest with a more eastern sensibility. This garden attracts many hummingbirds and pollinators while boasting full, amazing color spring through late fall. This landscape design fuses ...
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Drought Tolerant Garden with Gravel

Drought Tolerant Garden with Gravel

Color and texture fill this low maintenance drought tolerant garden accented with boulders and gravel. This garden is an example of xeriscaping – landscaping in a way that reduces the need for supplemental water, ideal for our Pacific Northwest summers. (more…) ...
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Mediterranean Rock Garden, Portland, Oregon

Mediterranean Rock Garden

Believe it or not, our moderate climate with its cool rainy winters and dry hot summers is an ideal setting for a Mediterranean-inspired garden. Many of our clients in Portland’s central residential neighborhoods are choosing to take out their traditional lawns in favor of this drought-tolerant option. After taking out ...
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Formal Mediterranean Garden in Portland, Oregon

Formal Mediterranean Garden

Mediterranean plants and flowers formally arranged bring a bright old world ambiance to this formal Mediterranean Garden. With an impressive amount of color and full foliage, this garden adds a wealth of curb appeal to this Portland home. Blending an English feel with vibrant orange, purple and reds, this landscape ...
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Mediterranean Gravel Garden, Drought-Tolerant

Mediterranean Gravel Garden

A stone path winds through this Mediterranean-themed gravel garden. Lavender ‘Hidcote’ and orange Helianthemum ‘Henfield Brilliant’ flowers brightly contrast against the rich rock hues in this drought-tolerant example of designing with color. Proving that a small space doesn’t have to be boring, this garden packs a punch of color that ...
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Formal Pond with Bubbling Pot and Tall Grass

Formal Pond with Bubbling Pot Water Feature

This water feature is a low maintenance option that provides the tranquil sound of a bubbling brook to the garden of this Portland home. Formal lines contrast nicely with this informal, eclectic year-round meditation spot for friend and artist Ron van Dongen. What started out as a typical front yard ...
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