Perennial Garden with Japanese MapleRock GardensPaths and GatesMediterranean Gravel GardenPondless StreamDrought Tolerant Garden with GravelWoodland Garden with Tropical AccentsFormal Mediterranean GardenJapanese Maple PruningNative Garden
Perennial Garden with Japanese Maple

What began with a bold choice in house color led to a lush, deep red inspiration to paint palate of this urban perennial garden, elegantly showcasing five majestic Japanese maples and blending beautifully with the existing architecture and colors of the property.

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Rock Gardens

‘Purple Sensation’ blossoms splash color against a stoic stone and hearty grass backdrop bringing a tranquil feel to this rock garden. Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ flowers add a unique architectural dimension to this landscape.

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Paths and Gates

Geum 'Firestorm' flowers speckle a tumbled blue stone path set gravel. This vibrant perennial will flourish with bright orange flowers adapts well to both hot summers and cold winters.

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Mediterranean Gravel Garden

A stone path winds through this Mediterranean-themed gravel garden. Lavender 'Hidcote' and orange Helianthemum 'Henfield Brilliant' flowers brightly contrast against the rich rock hues in this drought-tolerant example of designing with color.

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Pondless Stream

Fulfilling the requirements of beauty and safety, this pondless stream takes advantage of gravity to create a babbling brook down artfully placed boulders and greenery. Water features are a great way to bring a natural melody to any creative landscape.

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Drought Tolerant Garden with Gravel

Color and texture fill this low maintenance drought tolerant garden accented with boulders and gravel. This garden is an example of Xeriscaping – landscaping in a way that reduces the need for supplemental water, ideal for our Pacific Northwest summers.

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Woodland Garden with Tropical Accents

Hardy palms and bamboo, a mix of tropical and shade-loving plants, and a robust fir tree blend tropical and woodland into an eclectic mix of cohesive contradiction. The owner’s love of dramatic contrasts and careful consideration to the existing landscape played out well in this woodland garden.

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Formal Mediterranean Garden

Mediterranean plants and flowers formally arranged bring a bright old world ambiance to this formal Mediterranean Garden. With an impressive amount of color and full foliage, this garden adds a wealth of curb appeal to this Portland home.

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Japanese Maple Pruning

Using an artistic eye and extensive knowledge, this Japanese maple was restored to proper beauty and sits silhouetted by the afternoon sun. The health of the tree and consideration for the surroundings went into this worthwhile restoration.

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Native Garden

Using lavender hues from the home’s exterior, this rock and gravel garden draws on inherent inspiration for a drought-tolerant display of well thought out plant life and bold boulders to form a harmonious mix of simplicity and detail.

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Creative Landscapes, Inc. is a locally-owned business with clients throughout the Portland metropolitan area. We bring over 30 years experience to designing, planting and maintaining landscapes in this gardener’s paradise. Our trademark is providing color, fragrance and texture throughout the seasons while drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean, the Tropics and the native plants of the Pacific Northwest. Your time in the garden should be a pleasure, not a chore.

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